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Advantages of LenSx Laser for Cataract Surgery

  • Blade-free procedure.
  • Incomparable level of accuracy and reproducibility, far better than the human hand.
  • More precise incisions – resulting in better visual results.
  • The LenSx laser reduces the energy, fluid and time used during cataract surgery and, with less manipulation of the eye, results in a gentler procedure.
  • Perfectly centered and precisely shaped lens opening for accurate intraocular lens positioning, enhancing visual outcomes.
  • Laser-created reduction of astigmatism.

The LenSx FDA-approved Femtosecond laser brings an incomparable level of accuracy and reproducibility to cataract surgery, with each and every incision mapped using the on-board computer. The computer allows eye surgeons to design the surgery, enabling them to graph incisions and customise fragmentation patterns for the lens removal, resulting in a smoother preparation stage and subsequent surgery steps. The computer also features real-time video imaging with integrated Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT), providing 3D visualisation of the front section of the eye during setup, planning and procedure.

The added benefit for the patient is a more comfortable, gentler procedure with a more securely set eye for the initial stages. A small, disposable cup called the 'patient interface' sits over the eye, applying gentle suction to hold the eye comfortably in place during the initial stages of the procedure. Patient safety is improved further by reducing the time spent operating inside the eye and reducing energy usage during phacoemulsification, resulting in less damage to the endothelium, less swelling of the cornea from the ultrasound and therefore more efficient healing and a faster recovery after cataract surgery.

Overall, the laser cataract surgery optimises surgical accuracy and most importantly, patient safety, comfort and recovery.

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